With the continuous rise and popularity of social media, businesses are looking to work smarter and spend less by linking traditional media to the digital world. Enter QR Codes. Loaded with vast (and cool) capabilities, QR Codes are starting to hit mainstream media and are the love of smart phone users everywhere. Cool, huh? Here are a few simple tips on ways that QR Codes can provide “treasure” in your marketing efforts.


1) Swag items - Everyone loves getting free stuff. By placing QR Codes on promo merchandise, companies are making more brand touch points with customers and are reaching a broader audience thanks to the kindergarten lesson of sharing.


2) Direct mail - Marketing solutions companies can easily create, print, and track QR Codes for direct mail campaigns. Opening mail has never been more exciting- trust me. With one click, readers can be taken to a unique website, personalized landing pages <http://ilnk. me/NL8109>, surveys, or videos.


3) Events - Tradeshows, luncheons, conferences, and launch parties will never be the same. QR Codes are changing the way companies interact with customers, advertise, and brand their products.


4) Business cards - Create digital printed business cards where people you meet can easily import mass contact information directly into their smart phones. QR Codes can direct scanners to your online resume, Twitter/Facebook page, or company website to help new contacts connect with you or your business faster than ever before.


5) Store-front windows - Mannequins may soon be in need of a new job. With the rise in popularity of window decals, companies are using codes to take street goers to coupon offers, product details, video, etc. The list goes on and on.


6) Marketing materials - You’ve got brochures, fliers, whitepapers, kits, and a lot of other materials. Simply add a QR Code to direct readers to product demos, photos, social media applications (Facebook, Twitter) or point them to a mobile friendly landing page that promotes a new campaign.


7) Food - Finger food has a new meaning or at least more information. QR Codes are being used on food packaging to send eaters to various locations for nutritional information, to make informed decisions, or provide coupons for additional purchases.


8) Pay by phone - Retailers are using QR Codes that allow customers to pay from their mobile phones. How easy is that! Starbucks is leading the way with their mobile phone application. Customers punch in their Starbucks card info, verify details, and voila- the smart phone turns into a gift card. They present the secure QR Code to the barista and off they go caffeinated.


Brett is the chief sales and marketing officer at KP Corporation. KP Corporation provides printing, fulfillment, and direct mail solutions that help customers successfully implement a wide range of marketing and communication programs. Our innovative approach and campaigns on-demand web portals help Salem companies to be successful and set us apart from other providers making KP Corporation the choice for true partnership.

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