Chamber endorsements support strong local economy

The Salem Area Chamber of Commerce is an organization that will continue to take stands that support a healthier local economy. We care deeply about improving opportunity for Oregonians and supporting an environment throughout the state that embraces job creation.

Please read carefully through this special publication created for the November 2012 election. The Salem Chamber has taken strong stands in support of state measures and candidates that will be appearing on the ballot. A thorough process is undertaken to fully vet all positions taken. For advocacy provided on issues, the Salem Chamber Board of Directors relies on recommendations forwarded from the Salem Chamber’s Public Policy Committee. For endorsements of candidates, recommendations are forwarded to the Salem Chamber Board of Directors from the Create Jobs PAC Board of Directors.

The Salem Chamber asks one primary question when determining whether a position on a measure or an endorsement of a candidate is appropriate – will this measure/candidate support or hinder the ability of private sector employers to grow their businesses and create jobs?

You will find that all positions and endorsements featured in this publication to be centric to the above question. The mission of the Chamber is to make Salem a great place where business can prosper and we take this charge seriously.

We believe strongly in fulfilling our organizational mission and in doing so have taken bold steps to advocate for both issues and candidates appearing on your election ballot.

We care deeply about the future of this state and creating an environment where businesses of all shapes and sizes can succeed. After all, the success of businesses is at the core of creating a successful economy and creating good jobs that Oregonians can strive for.


Jason Brandt
Chief Executive Officer
Salem Area Chamber of Commerce


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