How to write a boilerplate for your press releases and blogs

Your blog posts, whether it's on's NewsShare, or your own, can be making a bigger impact on your search engine rankings. Use the press release boilerplate strategy as part of your blogs and press releases. Here's a great article

In public relations terms, a boilerplate is a statement that is placed at the end of a press release (or other public relations document). It simply and quickly covers the 5 W's of your business, products, and services and lets the press and general public know what your business has to offer.

A boilerplate is usually no more than several sentences long so choose your words carefully. In essence, what you are doing by creating a boilerplate is taking your 30-second elevator pitch about your company and putting it on paper.

Here are a few key points to cover when drafting your boilerplate:

1. Include a short, clear description of your business (what you do, who you do it for, and why you do it).

2. If you've won awards or been recognized in any way, use stand-out words like "award winning" or "best-in-class" when describing your products and services. Also use any stand-out numbers about your business (e.g., more than ? products sold or more than ? customers served).

3. Avoid industry jargon that the general public will not understand.

4. List your company website or other online destinations so that people can learn more about your business.

Also note that you can have one boilerplate or multiple descriptions if you have a number of product/service lines. You will be pleasantly surprised at how your boilerplate will come in handy during your marketing efforts once it is completed.

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